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Every smile be it of a kid or the one of an eighty plus, it's always precious to us. We at Toys fr Us brings you the best toys to put a smile on everyone’s face. We carry a distinct selected collection of plush toys, soft toys as well as educational toys for your toddlers, kids and even for adults who love these soft buddies. We, Toys fr Us, wish to be a part of every kid’s beautiful journey and beautiful smiles.

Toys play a very saccharine role in every kid’s life. Some of us might get attached to a soft toy because we love to cuddle it every night. Our Toys at Toys fr Us are not only for our little soldiers but also for the grown - ups. Every adult is a kid within. Toys fr Us offers a wide spectrum of toys for gifting options as well. However, the shooting up prices of plush and soft toys worry us. But now no more as Toys fr Us brings you the best gifting options at a very reasonable cost. We bring toys to suit everyone's budget.

Apart from the family, the first relation a kid establishes is probably with a stuffed toy. These adorable friends are more than mere toys for kids. Toys fr Us is an online shopping portal offering an exclusive and ultimate collection of soft and plush toys and educational toys as well. We desire to reach every home and cater to the needs.Kinds of toys, we Toys fr Us, deal in:

Plush and Soft toys

Plush and soft toys play an imperative role in every infant's life. They are the most widely demanded category of toys throughout the world. Not only are they trendy amongst the kids, but also, they are equally fancied by the youngsters. These softly stuffed buddies have been protecting kids from monsters in their dreams since times unknown. A myth is though!

The most evident capacity these toys fulfil is that they ease misery and nervousness. For new-born kids, the world is a place to adapt, and these soft buddies might come in handy. A treasured plushie is always a familiar buddy to the kids. The soft cuddle-able friend helps a child to overcome new situations.

Kids often role-play with their soft toys or plush, this helps them managing emotions. Often, kids might feel emotions which are beyond their understanding, in such case, acting out with toys can be a positive and safe approach. Toys fr Us deals in a very vast variety of plush toys animals stuffed with 100% virgin polymer of premium quality.Everyone in every age group loves soft toys. Ladies fancy these stuffed ones as their best emotional partner. An adorable teddy hug is always good.

Kids develop their language skills. The little ones have a habit of role-playing things usually and talking to their stuffed friends. Kids also develop social skills with the soft toys through imagined interactions with them.

We at Toys fr Us offer an all-encompassing range of soft toys, namely, smiley pillows, teddy bears, seahorses, cartoon-printed cushions, various cartoon characters, and so on. We wish our toys find a place in your kid’s heart and room.

Educational toys

Toys, similar to play, fulfil a plethora of purposes in all of us. They give out entertainment while satisfying an instructive part. The educational toys upgrade intellectual conduct and invigorate innovativeness amongst the children. They are highly assistive in the improvisation of mental and physical abilities, which play a fundamental role in the life of an individual, later.

The use of educational toys can help kids learn many different skills which will be helpful in their growth, such as:Problem-solving and learning effect and causeLearning how to play with others through compromise, conflict resolution, and sharingDevelopment of fine and gross motor skillsNurturing their imagination and creativityUncovering their independence and positive self-esteemWe at Toys fr Us are planning to introduce a unique range of these educational toys in the form of concept cards, children card games, puzzle games, quiz books, etc. The sole objective of introducing this extensive range of educational toys is to devise the correct learning condition for your kid and in this way, enhance the child's learning capacities.

Why choose Toys fr Us?

Affordable: We at Toys fr Us aim to provide the customers with quality toys for their loved ones. We keep the customer's heart in mind while creating the products and serve you the best at reasonable prices. Everybody wants to ensure their child or their beloved with only quality products. However, the expensive quality products make us perturbed often, but we are here with the best quality for our customers at subsidized rates. At Toys fr Us, we make sure that you make solely the best available to your child/beloved, without having to spend a significant chunk of your hard-earned money.

A wide range of products: We at Toys fr Us ensure sheer convenience to its clients. You don't need to run from pillar to post in search of the desired toys. No matter what the toy type may be, Toys fr Us serves as the one-stop destination to all your toy requirements. Therefore, whether you are looking for stuff toys, plush toys or educational toys worry no more for Toys fr Us is at your rescue.

Quality products: We at Toys fr Us do not compensate concerning the quality of the products that we provide to our customers. Natural prices in no way imply a downgraded quality. Since it’s our prime objective is to spread joy and love amongst the younger lot, the profit margins are compromised upon, but the quality remains intact. Therefore, you can completely trust on the products that you purchase from Toys fr Us are entirely safe and hazard-free.

Hassle-free shopping: We, Toy fr Us, offer you a varied range of toys at our online store, Amazon and Flipkart. You can go through our products sitting at your home and get them delivered at your doorsteps trouble-free. Also, we will be opening our store at Hyderabad soon.We at Toys fr Us wish to be your faithful companion. We are always there to assist you with the toy shopping. We will tell you everything from gifting guides to the latest trends in the plush toys, soft toys, and educational toys world and from best toys for the age group to the soft and plush toys best for your lady love this Valentine’s. Each toy has its purpose. We wish to amaze you with the best. We pay keen attention to every detail so that we can offer our customers a remarkable yet unforgettable experience.